You can’t have clean air and build the Silvertown Tunnel

The decision by the government to support the Mayor of London’s new road tunnel under the Thames is a blow to the thousands of people who will be impacted by the pollution it generates.  New roads create new traffic and big new roads like this create a lot of new traffic. Successive Mayor’s have failed to deal with air pollution, this new road will make things worse.

The Mayor’s justification for the road is that the tolls will keep a cap on the vehicle numbers, but that hasn’t stopped millions of cars using the Dartford Crossing each year and these tolls won’t stop traffic jams forming in east London.

Some of the most deprived communities in east London, who do not drive, will have their lives and health blighted by this new road. The talk of a special bus for cyclists is a gimmick, if the Mayor really wanted to help cyclists he should cancel the road and use the money to build some more segregated cycle lanes intead.

This road belongs to a 1960s vision of London dominated by big roads, where everyone has a car. The reality is a thriving, busy city where fewer people drive, more people cycle and public transport is the most sensible way of getting around.

Local people and environmentalists have fought off three attempts to build this road crossing and I still hope the Mayor will junk the plans.


Object Today – No Third Runway!

Prompted by CPRE, I’ve emailed the following objection to  Please do the same and add your voice by March 28th.

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Fewer traffic-police, fewer breath tests

The number of drivers being breathalysed has declined significantly since austerity began in 2010. The number of drivers being tested has dropped from 736,846 in 2010 to 463,319 last year. Overstretched traffic police are letting many drivers get away with drink driving, despite the obvious risks to people’s safety. Continue reading “Fewer traffic-police, fewer breath tests”

2016 was a horrendous year for road casualties

The latest government figures on road casualties confirm the link between austerity and increased danger on the roads. The link was outlined in a report by RoadPeace in May this year. Today’s figures show that the number of people who were killed or seriously injured (KSI) on the roads in 2016 has risen. The Government has caveated the rise in serious injuries by saying that the police under-reported such injuries in previous years and suggest that the number remains virtually unchanged. However, the flat-lining of KSI figures since 2010 contrasts with a 16% decline in the 5 years prior to austerity starting in 2010 and far bigger declines in the years before that. Continue reading “2016 was a horrendous year for road casualties”

Best way to reduce congestion is to reduce traffic

Yesterday, the Lords debated congestion and being the only green in the room, I said what the experts say – we need ‘pay as you go’ driving. I was pleased that I got a bit of support from some of the Labour and Lib Dem peers. The government don’t deny it will work, they just think it will be unpopular with motorists. Continue reading “Best way to reduce congestion is to reduce traffic”