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  • Letter to Minister about systematic use of child spies (6/11/2019) - Dear Minister Thank you for your positive response to my Oral Question on 18th March when I raised the issue of juveniles being used as Covert Human Intelligence Sources. As I mentioned during my question,… More
  • Latest podcast (6/4/2019) - Jenny talks to Mike Schwarz, civil liberties lawyer, about the right to protest Mike Schwarz has been a human rights lawyer at Bindmans for 25 years. He has represented numerous campaigners, including all three of… More
  • HS2, Colne Valley and the threat to London’s water supply (5/30/2019) - The chalk hills of the Chilterns act as a giant reservoir, with water slowing seeping down into streams in the Colne Valley and onwards into the Thames Valley to London. The crowded South East often has periods… More
  • The Heathrow question (5/15/2019) - The government can’t push ahead with Heathrow, unless they reject the latest advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). In 2016, the Airports Commission used evidence from the CCC to state that Heathrow expansion… More
  • Green win: rights for Property Guardians (5/13/2019) - It’s not often that a Minister starts a sentence by thanking a political opponent for introducing an issue and then says “How right she was to raise it in the way she did in October. I’m grateful… More
  • Making Clean Air a legal right (5/12/2019) - The Times has taken up the campaign for a new Clean Air Bill to ensure that everyone has the right to breathe unpolluted air. Hopefully that means my Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill is one step nearer… More
  • Podcast: Sian Berry and green achievements (5/8/2019) - Elected greens always tend to punch above their weight. Whether it is a local council chamber, the London Assembly, or Parliament itself, a Green in the room will change the dynamic of most conversations. Sian… More
  • Question to Minister on protecting the right to protest (4/9/2019) - Today around 3pm I’ll be raising the issue of freedom to protest with questions to the Government in the House of Lords about the Court of Appeal’s striking out an injunction obtained by INEOS in… More
  • A week in my life: Feb 2019 (3/27/2019) - I recently wrote an article for the Parliamentary House Magazine describing a regular week in my working life – except, nothing is regular here at the moment. I left a debate on Lords’ Reform to… More
  • Trade Bill – Green win protects current standards (3/19/2019) - The government are due to amend the Trade Bill today to protect existing  standards for animal welfare, workers rights and the environment in future trade agreements. They have submitted a slightly tweaked version of the… More