“The term “feisty” could have been coined for her. I have to warn your Lordships that she takes no hostages when she is set on getting something done.” Baroness Hamwee

Jenny was introduced to the House of Lords on 5th November 2013, having been elected to represent the Green Party there by Party members. She took her title, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, from the council estate she grew up on in Brighton. Jenny is a unique figure in the House of Lords: she does not call herself a Baroness, is the only Green Party member in the House, has been arrested at a political protest whilst hugging a friend, and wants to scrap the Lords and replace it with a fully elected upper chamber

A day in the life – short film

(credit producer/director Abi McLoughlin, @Abimc)

A week in the life – diary