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A catalogue of all Jenny’s contributions to the House can be viewed here

House of Lords Main Chamber 

  • The House of Lords requires radical reform but the principal of a second chamber providing detailed scrutiny of legislation is a sound one and by volunteering representatives to the House of Lords the Green Party ensures a green voice in what would otherwise be a very grey forum
  • All Peers are entitled to contribute to all debates and there is no chairperson, instead the House can veto speakers or call for a particular person to take the next turn. The custom is for the political groupings to take turns
  • A simple explanation of Primary Legislation – the stages a Bill passes through to become an Act of law – can be viewed here
  • An explanation of Secondary Legislation (statutory instruments) can be viewed here

Private Member’s Bills (PMBs)

Initiating debates

  • Peers are allowed to table up to seven Oral Questions per parliamentary session. These questions are for answer by a Government Minister and take the form of a short debate in the main chamber at the start of daily business
  • Other options for initiating debate are detailed here

Written Questions

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)


Jenny has produced a transparency statement declaring her financial and office arrangements

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