£3.1m cost of policing Lancashire frackers

The Lancashire Police have asked the Home Office for an extra £3.1m to recover some of their additional expenses in policing the Cuadrilla site at Preston New Road. That is the equivalent of £8 a Lancashire household and enough to pay for 25 police officer jobs. In 2014, Sussex police got £905,000 for their operation to protect a fracking site. Continue reading “£3.1m cost of policing Lancashire frackers”


My day at a fracking protest

I’ve just come back from a few hours in Lancashire, at the Preston New Road protest against fracking by Cuadrilla. The people who are protesting are a mix of locals, initially reluctantly drawn into the fracas but now pivotal organisers, and experienced campaigners who can supply the outside contacts and good advice.

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No fracking Mondays

The fight for local democracy and basic ecological common sense continues its frontline on an A-Road in Preston, Lancashire. It is where locals and protectors from across the country have been standing up against the fracking firm, Cuadrilla, and the Government’s dash for dirty gas.

Throughout August and September, Green Party members are joining the protests en masse each Monday at Preston New Road. These “Green Mondays” have seen hundreds of Greens taking direct action while promoting the ecological alternatives to fracking.

I’ll be joining fellow Greens and activists on Monday 25th September. I want to show my support for the protests and gather essential information ahead of questioning a Home Office Minister in Parliament on the 9th October. I’ll be asking the Minister critical questions about the policing operations at Preston New Road and any future fracking sites.

It would be great if you could join us on Monday 25th September! We have to get the word out that fracking is totally unacceptable if we are to achieve a safe environment and stable climate. Greenpeace have got all the practical details like public transport and a map here.

I hope to see you there on Monday.

P.s. could you please share this on social media to help get the word out to fellow Greens?

Four reasons to vote Green

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity and it has been largely being ignored or sidelined by the bigger political parties. Yet last year was the hottest on record and those records are being beaten at an increasing rate. Huge cracks are emerging in the polar ice at the same time as Trump has tried to sink the Paris climate change deal. Labour has refused to oppose Heathrow expansion, which is the single most damaging policy/project for climate change and air pollution. Continue reading “Four reasons to vote Green”

Finance is key to local energy independence

The creation of local energy companies could be the best way for Mayors and local authorities to reduce costs for residents and clean up energy supplies. The six metro areas across the U.K. electing a mayor for the first time, don’t have to wait for the Government to create nationally applicable policies, they can act now to create strong policies of their own.      Continue reading “Finance is key to local energy independence”

State schools punished for doing the right thing

My research in today’s Guardian:


Schools could face a business rates bill totaling £1.8 million if the Valuation Office Agency goes ahead with plans to remove the exemption for small non-domestic installations. Continue reading “State schools punished for doing the right thing”