Massive Lords majority to defend rule of law

Green peer Jenny Jones welcomes Lords’ “regret” amendment to Internal Market Bill

  • Jenny Jones: “The Internal Market Bill is part of the government’s executive power grab and the main losers will be the devolved nations and regions”

The House of Lords has today [Tuesday 20 October] passed an amendment to the Internal Market Bill regretting the provisions which, if enacted “would undermine the rule of law and damage the reputation of the United Kingdom.” Continue reading “Massive Lords majority to defend rule of law”

UK Internal Market Bill: Second Reading

No video available, audio only

My noble friend Lady Bennett would like me to explain that we are dividing this Bill between us and she will speak on the internal and devolution issues. She abhors the destruction by this Bill of the rights of democratic devolution that have been embraced and exercised by the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland has long had a distinct education system with higher qualification standards for teachers. The Senedd too has plans for better control of single-use plastics than we have managed here in England. Continue reading “UK Internal Market Bill: Second Reading”

The legislation and regulation around COVID19 remains convoluted

We live in a time of change

My Lords, the classic comedy, “Yes Minister” has a running joke. When the Minister stands up to give a speech, he ​starts by saying, “We live in a time of change”. That could not be more true now because we are definitely living in a time of change. Continue reading “The legislation and regulation around COVID19 remains convoluted”

Trade is about more than the ‘economy’

Trade has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives

It is worth saying again that nothing is in a box, and so it is not appropriate to talk about trade and trade policy as only an economic manoeuvre. Trade has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives, from the price of tomatoes to how much pollution gets washed into our seas, and so we must be very responsible when we are a trading partner.

Continue reading “Trade is about more than the ‘economy’”

Covid regulations from a government that doesn’t listen and learn

In the words of Adam Wagner, a professor of law

“One of the things this crisis has brought home to me is how illiberal outcomes are inevitable when hugely important decisions are made by a small group in secret and without parliamentary scrutiny. Biases and personal preferences of those in the room are inevitably amplified”. Continue reading “Covid regulations from a government that doesn’t listen and learn”

Cop26 Sponsors

Rosie Boycott asked what progress HMG have made towards identifying sponsors for COP 26; and what criteria are used in the appointment of any such sponsors.

On the climate credibility of those choosing climate credible sponsors…

My supplementary to Rosie’s question was: Which climate-credible people in the Government will make the decision on which companies are climate credible?

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