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  • YouTube (11/14/2018) - Visit Jenny’s YouTube channel to see her speaking in the Lords
  • Next podcast out soon! (11/13/2018) - Out in a few days will be Episode 5 ‘The Drugs War’ with ex undercover officer Neil Woods. Neil has authored two fascinating books about his experiences as an undercover cop turned whistle blower. Neil joins me to… More
  • Crowdfunder to support Jenny’s work (11/13/2018) - Please support our work Unlike MPs, who receive state funding, members of the House of Lords don’t receive any financial support to employ staff or fund office costs. As the only Green in the House… More
  • Solar Alliance to light lives of a billion people (11/5/2018) - I find the ambitions of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) enormously exciting, which is why I organised a Lord’s debate on the UK Government signing up to them.  It is an international agreement, formed at the United… More
  • Motion to take note (11/4/2018) - Motions to take note are another way of securing debate in the House on issues which might otherwise not be properly scrutinised because they are not subject to votes October 18 – International Solar Treaty
  • Dear Conservatives who care (11/2/2018) - A few of you have told me that Blue is the new Green. That you have compassion towards animals and want to conserve the beauty of this world. Last week one of you told me that the… More
  • Farmer’s padlock their Roundup, but not gardeners (11/2/2018) - My oral question (see Youtube) on the use of Roundup put the Minister under pressure to act as several peers followed up with hard hitting points of their own. Roundup and Glyphosate herbicides can cause cancer, and… More
  • Rebellion for Life Oct 31 (10/31/2018) - The Extinction Rebellion begins today. A series of Non Violent Direct Action protests organised by academics and many others. Climate breakdown is officially happening. We have the evidence of arctic glaciers going into meltdown, humanity… More
  • Children deserve clean air (10/27/2018) - This week, I attended the Clean Air Parents’ Network Reception in Parliament, where I met with parents and carers who are campaigning to protect children and babies from dirty air. The Clean Air Parents’ Network… More
  • London CND student reception (10/25/2018) - On Tuesday evening I co-hosted this reception at Parliament with Catherine West MP to encourage young people to take an interest in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. We were joined by the wonderful Bruce Kent and students… More