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  • Human Rights in Balochistan (7/18/2017) - I am hosting an event called “Wall of Silence: Human Rights in Balochistan“, that will be taking place in Committee Room 2 on 19 July 2017 18:30 – 20:00. Human Rights Watch described the violations in Balochistan as… More
  • Resist this executive power grab (7/13/2017) - Labour must toughen up and be prepared to fight for all existing EU protections, in both Houses of Parliament. As Liberty has said today “If the Repeal Bill passes in this state, people in the UK… More
  • Deposit charge on plastic bottles will work (7/12/2017) - I was in the House of Lords’ Chamber this afternoon to ask the Government Minister about recycling and waste disposal. It was reassuring that Peers from across the parties were calling on the Government to… More
  • Brexit, a Clean Air Act and cycle lanes (7/3/2017) - Brexit will impact on every aspect of our lives, creating endless trauma but also the chance to improve things. We will need our own laws and our own enforcement agencies, and it’s an opportunity to… More
  • My response to Queen’s speech (6/28/2017) - There are so many issues in the gracious Speech that I would like to tackle. I would like to talk about nuclear safeguards, agriculture and fisheries and the folly of HS2. However, I will try… More
  • People die and this government sits on its hands (6/22/2017) - The Mayor of London issued a high pollution alert on Tuesday evening, but not the government, not the NHS, nor Public Health England, nor the Met Office and I didn’t notice anything on the BBC.… More
  • Four reasons to vote Green (6/7/2017) - Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity and it has been largely being ignored or sidelined by the bigger political parties. Yet last year was the hottest on record and those records are being… More
  • Labour manifesto: still lots of reasons to vote Green (5/16/2017) - Just like Caroline Lucas, I welcome the fact that so many of the Green Party ideas from our 2015 manifesto have become Labour Party policy under Corbyn. I spent 16 years on the London Assembly… More
  • When the NHS catches a computer bug are security services to blame? (5/15/2017) - There is no doubt that the delays and disruption caused by the NHS computer virus could have been avoided. The government could have used a fraction of the multi-billion security budget to enable hospital trusts to update… More
  • Cuts in traffic police cost lives (5/10/2017) - RoadPeace Lawless Roads Report 2017 Today’s report by RoadPeace shows the urgent need to reverse the cuts to traffic police, enforce the rules of the road and provide genuine justice for the victims of dangerous… More