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  • Crucial vote in Lords on new environmental enforcement agency (5/15/2018) - Tomorrow is a crucial day in the ​House of ​Lords for environmentalists. I ​shall be backing an amendment to the EU Withdr​awal Bill to ensure that the government’s ​promised new enforcement agency will not reduce any of “the rights,… More
  • You can’t have clean air and build the Silvertown Tunnel (5/10/2018) - The decision by the government to support the Mayor of London’s new road tunnel under the Thames is a blow to the thousands of people who will be impacted by the pollution it generates.  New… More
  • Frackers on your doorstep are bad for your health (4/27/2018) - I have asked the government for new ‘set back’ regulations to stop fracking sites being placed outside the front gate of people’s homes (see photo of homes near fracking drill site, Westby, Fylde, Lancashire). A North… More
  • Equality laws post Brexit (4/27/2018) - Brexit is turning our world on its head. It will dominate our political, economic and social future. It’s certainly dominating Parliament’s attention at the moment, and we have got dozens of Bills coming up over… More
  • No three line Labour whip for Animal Sentience (4/26/2018) - At yesterday’s debate in the House of Lords on the EU Withdrawal Bill I had to drop my amendment to retain the EU’s rules on Animal Sentience, as part of the Withdrawal Bill, because Labour… More
  • Withdrawal Bill debate shows why we need Lords reform (4/24/2018) - One of the surprises of life in the Lords is that our laws are partly decided by the bar room stamina of government supporting peers. The Lords defeated the government three times yesterday over the… More
  • Lords can defeat government on EU rules (4/23/2018) - This is a busy week in the Lords as we have the chance to defeat the government on some key amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which retain crucial environmental principles. I’m hoping for lots… More
  • Object Today – No Third Runway! (3/27/2018) - Prompted by CPRE, I’ve emailed the following objection to  Please do the same and add your voice by March 28th.
  • Heathrow: ditch the old fashioned thinking (3/23/2018) - Glad to be in the Lords so that I can explain why we need to ditch the old fashioned thinking about Heathrow expansion. Bad for air pollution, noise and climate change. Good for Heathrow profits… More
  • Remembering the police who put their lives on the line to keep us safe (3/22/2018) - It is one year since the tragedy in which five people were killed and 50 injured, as Khalid Masood ploughed a 4×4 vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbed unarmed police constable Keith Palmer to death as he stood on duty outside the Houses… More