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  • Metropolitan Police: Crime and Misconduct (12/2/2022) - A senior officer asked me this week what areas of policing the police were getting right—and I could not reply. I could not think of one.
  • Clean Air Bill passes Third Reading (12/2/2022) - This is the first time in UK history that the Green Party has passed legislation through a chamber in Westminster My speech to the house this morning: I wish to record my thanks to this… More
  • Overcrowding at the Manston processing site (11/30/2022) - The government’s minister said yesterday: if these people were not crossing the Channel illegally, the situation would not have occurred. This ignores the cuts in staffing, the impact of privatisation and the general collpase of… More
  • Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill passes Report Stage in the House of Lords (11/29/2022) - The bill will now have its Third Reading this Friday 2nd December before passing to the Commons where Caroline Lucas MP will pick it up. Although it will then go into the bottom of the… More
  • Life at 2 degrees of warming (11/28/2022) - COP27 failed to make progress on reducing emissions and the awful reality is that our current economic and political system can’t deliver the necessary change, quickly enough. So have you started wondering how everyday life… More
  • Natural state (11/25/2022) - The water framework directive was a very precise, scientifically based measurement of ecological well-being that the Government quietly dropped in 2017. They have replaced that with this talk of “natural state” for 75% of rivers.… More
  • Public Order Bill Day 2 of Committee (11/23/2022) - The Government are seeking in this Bill to make protest a crime instead of a right. If not completely overcome by corruption, this Government do at least have filaments of corruption winding their way through… More
  • Public Duty Costs Allowance (11/22/2022) - Liz Truss spent only 45 days in office but is set to be offered the same package all former residents of No 10 have been entitled to, an allowance worth up to £115,000 per year.… More
  • Public Order Bill committee stage day 1 (11/18/2022) - This is clearly rubbish legislation. For example, there is a lack of a definition of “serious disruption”, what about arresting the Government for serious disruption to the NHS over the last 12 years? I would… More
  • Delays in water companies producing plans for dealing with sewage discharges (11/17/2022) - The water companies have already had all the money they needed for infrastructure improvements but did not use it for this; they gave it in dividends to their shareholders. I like to help the Government… More