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  • Met Police acted unlawfully in Extinction rebellion ban (11/6/2019) - This is an historic win because for the first time we’ve challenged the police on overstepping their powers and we’ve won. It’s great. This shows how the police have gone beyond their powers when dealing with… More
  • Incinerators have no place in a zero-carbon world (10/31/2019) - I find it infuriating that Labour and Lib Dem councils are still approving waste from energy incinerators while their national parties declare a Climate Emergency. Labour have passed a motion at their conference aiming for… More
  • Two years after Grenfell and what has changed? (10/30/2019) - Part 1 of the Inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower has been published and the obvious question is why hasn’t the government removed the cladding from the other 400 high rise buildings that could… More
  • Future Generations Bill introduced (10/21/2019) - Today, I am introducing the Future Generations Bill on behalf of independent peer, John Bird (founder of Big Issue). This Bill aims to look after the interests of the very young and those not yet… More
  • Court date 24th October – Extinction rebellion ban (10/18/2019) - Extinction Rebellion’s application for Judicial Review has been scheduled for an urgent day-long hearing in the High Court on Thursday 24 October from 10.30am. Baroness Jenny Jones, Caroline Lucas MP, Clive Lewis MP, David Drew… More
  • Legal challenge to Extinction Rebellion ban (10/16/2019) - A collection of Climate rebels, including Parliamentarians such as myself, Caroline Lucas MP and Ellie Chowns MEP, are taking the Met Police to court to challenge the Section 14 Order which bans Extinction Rebellion Protests… More
  • Green tests for the Environment Bill (10/12/2019) - Boris Johnson has written an article in The Times describing the Environment Bill which will be in the Queen’s Speech on Monday. As a quick measure of how green this Environment Bill really is, here… More
  • Austerity and deaths on lawless roads (10/7/2019) - If you are a pedestrian who gets killed or suffers serious life changing injuries as a result of being hit by a car, there is more than a one in ten chance that the driver… More
  • Burning more than we recycle (9/25/2019) - Over two years ago, I predicted that we would now be reaching the point where we burnt more household waste than we recycled and the 2018/19 figures from DEFRA, due to be published this December,… More
  • Green New Deal, Agriculture and Fisheries (9/19/2019) - My article in the June House Magazine about a New Green Dela, Farming and Fisheries