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  • A small victory but Labour abstain over immigration vote (12/15/2017) - The Data Protection Bill, which has started in the House of Lords, will give you the right to access information held about your finances, medical history etc. It’s a positive step forward in lots of… More
  • Save the Colne Valley from HS2 (12/5/2017) - I love a good protest, so I went to Hillingdon to visit the Harvil Road protectors, a group committed to stopping the damage to many square miles of beautiful places by HS2. Normally I would… More
  • The future is battery run (12/4/2017) - My question on renewables and energy storage to the Minister The cost of producing renewable energy has fallen rapidly in recent years and is predicted to be cheaper than all forms of nuclear or fossil fuels… More
  • Fewer traffic-police, fewer breath tests (12/1/2017) - The number of drivers being breathalysed has declined significantly since austerity began in 2010. The number of drivers being tested has dropped from 736,846 in 2010 to 463,319 last year. Overstretched traffic police are letting… More
  • Questions raised with Gove about Red Tractor pig farms (11/29/2017) - I’ve written to the Environment Minister, Michael Gove, about alleged failures of the Red Tractor farms to guarantee minimum standards of animal welfare. An investigation carried out by the organisation Animal Equality exposed serious welfare problems on… More
  • Social justice is as important between generations, as it is within generations (11/28/2017) - The NUS plays a pivotal role in promoting an understanding of the links between the environment and social justice in this country. So it was a great pleasure to speak at their ‘Green Impact’ Parliamentary… More
  • My week, my work and animal sentience (11/24/2017) - As part of my fundraiser campaign, I thought you would find it useful to know what I’ve done this week and the kind of things your donation will be spent on. The big campaign this… More
  • A sense of community links all the anti-fracking campaigns (11/18/2017) - The common bond between all the towns and villages under threat of fracking in England is their powerful sense of identity and community through the campaigns. Fracking is an imposition, an invasion by big government… More
  • Sentient creatures and Brexit (11/17/2017) - The Commons came within 18 votes of passing a Caroline Lucas amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill which would have included protection of sentient creatures. Early next year I shall put this same amendment to… More
  • Will new nukes go broke? (11/10/2017) - A new German-Finnish study suggests renewables paired with storage systems could power the entire globe by 2050. This is good news for the planet and bad news for EDF, the main company behind the Hinkley C… More