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  • Trade Bill – Green win protects current standards (3/19/2019) - The government are due to amend the Trade Bill today to protect existing  standards for animal welfare, workers rights and the environment in future trade agreements. They have submitted a slightly tweaked version of the… More
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  • Minister agrees to examine police whistle-blower claim on child spies (3/18/2019) - I have asked the government to investigate a claim by a whistle-blower that the police are setting targets for regional police services to increase the use of juveniles as Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) as… More
  • Government will count number of spy kids used by police (3/13/2019) - At last, after much nagging, the government is starting to count the number of juveniles used as police spies, or as they call them, Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS). In a Lords’ debate, peers criticised… More
  • Taser use needs radical rethink (3/12/2019) - Since the introduction of Tasers to the UK police force in 2003, the number of officers carrying tasers, as well as the number of incidents involving tasers, has grown dramatically. Between 2017 and 2018 alone, there were… More
  • Trade Bill update (3/7/2019) - My amendment on the Trade Bill was debated this week, with support from Labour and Lib Dems. It contains the current protections for the standards we have. But the Government seems reluctant to accept it,… More
  • The police helped blacklist trade unionists (3/7/2019) - Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the meeting organised by the Blacklist Support Group but this is my message of support: It’s been a privilege to be allied with the Blacklist Support Group in their exposure… More
  • Green Party Peer Launches Bid To Scrap House of Lords (3/5/2019) - I today launched the House of Lords (Elections and Reform) Bill. This comes on the day that the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) has criticised the Government for kicking the issue of… More
  • The big solar rip off (3/4/2019) - Imagine investing thousands of pounds in a business that produces something everyone wants, but the government tells you that if you produce more than you need then you will have to give it to a… More
  • Meeting with Minister on Trade Bill changes (2/28/2019) - I had a meeting this week with Trade Minister Baroness Fairhead to discuss my amendment to the Trade Bill which aims to make our existing standards the foundation of all new trade agreements. Despite the number… More