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  • Women in prisons (3/25/2020) - Natalie and myself have written a letter to the Minister of Justice to ask for the fast-track release of non-dangerous, women prisoners. Corona Virus is putting an already fragile prison system under major stress with… More
  • Fishing limits – it’s everything obvious about human survival (3/5/2020) - The Fishing Bill is going through Parliament and I despair for common sense. The most basic rule of human survival on a finite planet is don’t take more than nature can provide. Yet, there are… More
  • Substantive contact list (2/25/2020) - Big Brother Watch Blacklist Support Group Clean Air London Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions Campaign to Protect Rural England Ella Roberta Family Foundation Extinction Rebellion Friends of the Earth Green Alliance Greener UK Guide… More
  • Why do we need a new Extradition Bill? (2/5/2020) - There is a huge backlog of action that needs to happen on the climate emergency, so why are we discussing new legislation on extradition? What is the size of the problem that we are seeking… More
  • Brexit – what next? (2/1/2020) - Politicians in the UK have largely wasted the last four years discussing border arrangements, rather than the icecaps melting, rivers flooding and forests burning. The environment and our rapidly changing climate doesn’t recognise legal boundaries… More
  • Withdrawal Bill needs to include scrutiny for any backwards steps on the environment (1/16/2020) - With all the Henry the Eighth powers, secondary legislation making powers, and judicial erasure powers that Parliament will have handed to the Government in the Withdrawal Bill and other Brexit legislation, Ministers are going to… More
  • Clean Air Bill goes to Lords (1/13/2020) - My Clean Air (as a human right) Bill has been submitted to the Lords today and will hopefully reach a 2nd reading in a few months. It is one of five separate Bills being put… More
  • Queen Speech: my response to the crime and justice sections (1/9/2020) - My Lords, it came as no surprise to me that there was nothing to delight my soul in the Government’s programme. For example, a fair justice system that keeps people safe takes more than a… More
  • Leading Labour peer and rail expert slams HS2 (1/6/2020) - Lord Berkeley has sent me a copy of his dissenting report on the HS2 Review and it is damning. It isn’t just his criticisms of the way he was written out of the process, despite… More
  • Met Police acted unlawfully in Extinction rebellion ban (11/6/2019) - This is an historic win because for the first time we’ve challenged the police on overstepping their powers and we’ve won. It’s great. This shows how the police have gone beyond their powers when dealing with… More