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Jenny regularly writes a blog, see below, and occasionally writes for publications including The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph

  • Emergency Motion: government’s attack on nature (9/29/2022) - Please sign (if you’re a Green Party member) my emergency motion to this weekends national conference. Thius motion supports the RSPB campaign against the government’s attack on nature. Let’s stop the Investment Zones and Freeports… More
  • Schools Bill update: Minister responds to letter from a home educating parent… (9/12/2022) - Thank you for your email 5 July, enclosing correspondence from X, regarding the proposals in the Schools Bill for a system of registration for children not in school. I am sorry for the delay in… More
  • Please support our motions to conference (7/28/2022) - If you are a Green Party member you could help us by supporting these motions to conference on a new Clean Air Act (motion 69); Sewage (57) and restraints on Robotic Weapons (39). This has… More
  • Schools Bill progress (7/21/2022) - Jenny raised the concerns of home schoolers at the Committee and Report stages of the Schools Bill by tabling a number of amendments, including proposing the deletion of parts of the Bill. She also supported… More
  • Energy Bill payback due from renewables (7/21/2022) - Renewables are due to start paying back money to consumers this month, as the cost of producing energy from wind and solar drops well below the cost of energy bills. The figures on how much… More
  • No Pollution Plan as heat creates Code Red alert for Eastern England (7/19/2022) - UK AIR (run by DEFRA) issued a Code Red for air pollution last night covering the East Midlands and Eastern region of England. This is for ozone, which is triggered by a chemical reaction in… More
  • Cross Party support as Clean Air Bill has 2nd reading (7/8/2022) - A Bill calling for Clean Air as a human right has attracted cross party support ahead of its Second Reading on Friday morning (10am, 8 July 2022) in the Lords. The legislation is being called… More
  • Recycling down – blame Covid (7/5/2022) - Why are the government hiding the fact that English local authorities now burn far more of your household waste than they recycle? A few weeks ago the government put out pages of statistics on the… More
  • HS2 puts London’s water supply in danger (6/29/2022) - Green Party peer, Jenny Jones, met campaigners on the outskirts of London last week to see for herself how the building of HS2 is threatening a large proportion of London’s water supply and impacting on… More
  • London Mayor is “proud” to support Clean Air Bill (6/24/2022) - The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said that he is “proud to join with Baroness Jenny Jones and Rosamund Kissi-Debrah to support this Bill in Ella’s memory, as we know that Clean Air should be… More