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  • Legal duty to reduce sewage spills (12/2/2021) - Q. When will the timetable be set for reducing discharges that public can see and monitor? A: Early next year. Measured against 8 duties in Environment Act However, a written answer about the Lake District… More
  • Final days of Police Bill Committee Stage (11/25/2021) - If you make protests impossible to perform legally, criminalise non-violent direct action, abolish or restrict the ability of citizens to challenge the Government in court through judicial reviews, turn people against lawyers, gerrymander the election… More
  • Police Bill Day 9 of 7 (11/19/2021) - We are world leading in the awful way in which we treat children. At 10, we have the lowest age in Europe for criminal responsibility – far below the suggestion from the UN Committee on… More
  • Government by-pass MPs on new policing laws (11/17/2021) - Pages of new amendments to the Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill have been submitted by the government as the legislation is half way through the Lords Committee stage. The new laws target “locking-on” and other forms… More
  • Police Bill day 8 of Committee Stage in Lords (11/16/2021) - We have abysmal conditions in many jails and they are not the place for a pregnant woman. The Howard League for Penal Reform has highlighted the fact that pregnant women in prison are routinely denied… More
  • Police Bill day 7 of Committee Stage in Lords (11/11/2021) - Mandatory prison sentences could lead to a repeat of what happens in the USA with their obscene rates of incarceration: nearly 1% of the American population is in prison or jail, and this is very… More
  • The Environment Act 2021 (11/10/2021) - Following the debate in the Lords yesterday the Environment Bill received Royal Assent and passed into law as the The Environment Act 2021. I am so sad and disappointed that we have got to this… More
  • Police Bill Day 6 of Committee Stage in the Lords – Road danger (11/10/2021) - At some point in history, it became acceptable for people to be killed by cars—pedestrians and cyclists. Other drivers just became collateral damage for our car-obsessed culture. There seems to be a horrific gap between… More
  • Why I wear both the red and white poppy (11/7/2021) - Remembrance Day is about joining together to respect the dead I wear a red poppy, but I wear a white one too. One of the defining features of modern wars is the vast numbers of… More
  • Police Bill – Day 5 of Committee Stage in the Lords (11/4/2021) - I had to laugh when I saw the amendments on duty of candour, because you sort of assume you can expect a duty of candour for the police; it really should not have to be… More