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  • Healthy rivers, healthy wildlife (5/14/2021) - Water companies have been urged to “shoulder their responsibilities” by researchers who found that “poor management” of sewage was the main source of microplastic pollution in UK rivers. Meanwhile, Greens in the Lords are considering putting an amendment… More
  • Private Notice Question following the Poplar fire (5/12/2021) - Is there anybody in government or in the wider Conservative Party who can either make the Prime Minister honour his promises or stop him making any further false promises? For those in buildings more than… More
  • Grenfell (5/10/2021) - The cladding scandal continues…
  • Forensic Science and the Criminal Justice System (Science & Technology Committee Report) (4/27/2021) - I believe that it is impossible to separate forensic science from the wider undermining of criminal justice funding that has occurred during 11 years of Conservative cuts. The Government have treated people’s innocence as an unaffordable… More
  • Domestic Abuse Bill: Lords send 4 amendments back to Commons (4/25/2021) - The government has made lots of positive changes to the Domestic Abuse Bill as a result of pressure from campaigners and amendments by the Lords, but there are still four areas where the Lords are… More
  • Time to declare a Biodiversity Emergency (4/23/2021) - We have passed legislation in the past year at the most incredible rate; a year ago, we would have said that it was impossible, unconstitutional or just plain ridiculous, so Parliament and the Government have… More
  • Domestic Abuse Bill Ping Pong (4/22/2021) - The reasons the Commons have given for rejecting our amendments are absolutely pathetic. I just do not see how the Government can persist in their blindness towards what is happening in society and not at… More
  • New climate targets, but no restraint on domestic flights (4/21/2021) - I won the ballot for Topical Oral Question, for the first time, on 20th April with this question: To ask Her Majesty’s Government, further to the passing of a law by the National Assembly of… More
  • Public service and private enrichment: the need for legal separation (4/21/2021) - Existing regimes often fail to ensure that people in government and politics work for the public interest and not for private gain. We need a legal, formal separation of public service from private enrichment. We… More
  • Considering the climate in advice to Planning Inspectors (4/20/2021) - Any national planning system that allows Heathrow to expand or fails to stop new and bigger roads, is clearly not going to deliver net zero emissions. At a local level we are still building new… More