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  • Action to ban fur and foie gras imports (5/17/2022) - I recently joined organisations campaigning to save the promised Animals Abroad Bill – which would ban imports of hunting “trophies”, fur, and foie gras as well as the promotion of elephant tourist rides overseas. I… More
  • Clean Air comes top (5/17/2022) - My Clean Air Act is top of the Lords’ ballot for private members bills which means that it stands a good chance of getting through all three stages in the Lords, before moving into the… More
  • No excuse for Bearskin (5/11/2022) - I have written to the Secretary of State for Defence and the PM as we know now that further tests conducted on ECOPEL’s faux bear fur conclusively show that it meets the Ministry of Defence’s… More
  • A draconian government tries again (5/10/2022) - The Lords deleted nearly 18 pages of the most draconian restrictions on the right to peaceful protest from the Policing Bill, but the government are now trying to bring them back. This must be opposed.… More
  • Blue Wall going green (5/9/2022) - The Conservatives are starting to lose their grip on rural England and Wales. Family farmers feel betrayed, country dwellers can’t let their dogs swim in the local badly polluted river and whole regions feel a… More
  • A bad week for democracy and freedom (4/29/2022) - This was a bad week for democracy and our freedoms in the UK. We lost the right to protest noisily, and effectively, to vote without ID, and to have an independent electoral commission. Parliament also… More
  • Nationality and Borders Bill Ping Pong (4/27/2022) - The Government talk all the time about stopping trafficking gangs, but our Government are becoming a trafficking gang. They are going to take people abroad and leave them there. They are taking them to a… More
  • Why are we paying £2m a day for Drax to pollute the planet? (4/27/2022) - Drax uses wood from forests in Louisiana, North Carolina, British Columbia, Estoniaand Latvia. These forests will take centuries to recover, centuries which we simplydo not have when tackling the climate emergency. The government claim that… More
  • Let it all fall (4/26/2022) - The Government have created a legislative deadlock. This was not the fault of this House; it was the fault of the Government, and if this legislation is not passed in the next few days, it… More
  • ASDA fails environment – where are the peat free alternatives? (4/22/2022) - This government is investing a lot of taxpayer money to restore peatlands in this country, while allowing supermarkets and garden centres to make a big profit out of the destruction of peatlands. People within government… More