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  • Remembering the police who put their lives on the line to keep us safe (3/22/2018) - It is one year since the tragedy in which five people were killed and 50 injured, as Khalid Masood ploughed a 4×4 vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbed unarmed police constable Keith Palmer to death as he stood on duty outside the Houses… More
  • Restoring credibility to the spy cops inquiry (3/21/2018) - After a dramatic walk out by campaigners and their legal teams, the inquiry into undercover policing is struggling to retain any credibility. I asked the Minister what action they would take. By my calculation, there… More
  • Closing the environmental gaps in the Government’s Brexit Bill (3/19/2018) - The Government has allowed a series of late night sittings to deal with the Lords’ substantial opposition to its EU Withdrawal Bill. This opposition has been fuelled mainly by the Government’s failure to deal with… More
  • Heathrow: expanding an air pollution hotspot (3/16/2018) - On the same day that four Parliamentary Committees united to condemn government inaction over air pollution, the House of Lords debated the National Policy Statement (NPS) on the expansion of Heathrow. The former really ought… More
  • Clean Air Bill must include new agency to enforce the right to clean air (3/15/2018) - Four Parliamentary Committees have issued a joint report on air pollution today. One of its key recommendations is that there needs to be a new Clean Air Bill and that should establish a right to… More
  • A women’s revolution under attack (3/8/2018) - There are so many things to celebrate and campaign about this International Women’s Day, but the immediacy of the crushing violence being inflicted on the women’s revolution in Afrin, Syria, deserves more attention. Afrin is one of… More
  • Big Brother is putting faces to names (3/1/2018) - The silent growth of facial recognition technology within police forces poses a major risk to civil liberties and the rule of law in the UK, yet it is happening without hardly a whimper of public… More
  • Protecting human rights post Brexit (2/28/2018) - The Government promised that the EU Withdrawal Bill would bring across all the EU laws and turn them into British laws, so why aren’t they doing that? By exempting the Charter of Fundamental Rights they are significantly weakening… More
  • Oral Questions (2/27/2018) - Peers are allowed to table up to 7 Oral Questions – for short debate in the main chamber -per parliamentary session. In this session Jenny has tabled the following Oral Questions : February 2018 – Recycling –… More
  • Private members bills (2/27/2018) - Clean Air Bill – DRAFT House of Lords Reform – which would create a second chamber where only peers elected via Proportional Representation would be entitled to vote. This had its second reading on February… More