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  • Death with dignity (10/23/2021) - Natalie and Jenny wrote for Green World Yesterday outside parliament there was a large, silent, dignified crowd. Among the placards were those reading “choice, compassion, dignity”, some bearing the pictures of loved ones who’d inspired its… More
  • Police Bill – First Day of Committee Stage in the Lords (10/21/2021) - The Lords have tabled 327 amendments to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and the Government has only tabled 7 days for Committee Stage. The first day’s debate included amendments on the Police Complaints… More
  • Drugs, organised crime and the climate crisis (10/20/2021) - I asked the government about the connection between drugs, organised crime and climate chaos because it is often over looked in big debates about international agreements, like COP26 The Global Initiative describes many West African… More
  • Working to ‘climate proof’ Parliament’s pension fund (10/18/2021) - I recently chaired an online seminar of Parliamentarians to discuss whether the pension fund for MPs and Ministers should dump all its remaining holdings in fossil fuels. If you have a pension then it is… More
  • Lake Windermere, Sewage and Pollution (10/14/2021) - I have asked the government: “What discussions has the Environment Agency had with water companies regarding the ending of sewage being dumped into the Lake District, World Heritage Site and how far off are they from… More
  • Incinerators are bad for climate change, health and recycling (9/25/2021) - There is no logical reason why you would want to replace the Edmonton Incinerator in North London, nor build any of the other 50 new waste incinerators that are in the planning pipeline at the… More
  • Pregnant prisoners shouldn’t be treated this way (9/24/2021) - The government is failing to increase the number of Mother and Baby Units, despite a planned increase of 500 places in women’s prisons. In answer to my written question I discovered that they keep no… More
  • This is an emergency and a crisis, and the Government are not stepping up (9/22/2021) - Most of us here in this Chamber will die of old age. By contrast, many of the young people at school today will die from the consequences of climate change: flash floods, droughts, and conflicts… More
  • Grenfell (9/22/2021) - The manufacturers of the cladding and insulation also knew they had problems with materials but carried on marketing them anyway. Are the Government going to let them get away with murder?
  • Environment Bill Report Stage final day (9/17/2021) - Although old train engines and boats do contribute to air pollution, they will be fairly localised and minimal compared with other emissions being pumped out by, for example, the Government building new roads or opening… More