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  • My amendment 20 to the Animal Welfare Bill (7/21/2021) - I would like to see a strong, broad-based animal sentience committee that conducts deep analysis of all government policy to ensure that its impact on animals has been properly considered. I would much rather that… More
  • We still need a ban on Fracking (7/15/2021) - I have tabled this amendment with a view to banning fracking once and for all. In doing so, I want to celebrate all the hard work of campaigners and activists across the country who delivered… More
  • Register for the Environment Bill Webinar (7/14/2021) - Register here
  • The adoption of remote electronic monitoring of fishing vessels (7/13/2021) - We discussed remote electronic monitoring when considering the Fisheries Bill and the House of Lords were able to get the Minister to put a firm commitment in support of it on the record. Lord Gardiner… More
  • Fundamentally inadequate and incoherent (7/13/2021) - I do not understand how we can keep on passing legislation that does not tie up. Without amendments to the Environment Bill we are at risk of seeing our seas and fisheries as being separate… More
  • UK lagging over a decade behind Sweden with it’s decarbonisation plans (7/13/2021) - In view of the climate emergency that we are all facing, the Swedish Government have pushed forward on their aims to be fossil fuel-free by 2024 using hydrogen technology
  • CO2 Emissions from Vehicles (7/9/2021) - This is an almost sneaky little piece of legislation, because it is presented as a regulation to continue the status quo but it is actually backfilling a regulatory loophole that was created by the Government;… More
  • Environment Bill Committee Stage Day 6 – Planning (7/9/2021) - I know that the Green Party’s 450 or so councillors sitting on over 140 local authorities, along with thousands of other environmentally aware councillors from other political parties, would be able to achieve a huge… More
  • Environment Bill Committee Day 6 – Water (7/9/2021) - We currently use water in an extremely illogical way. Clean, drinkable water is flushed down the loo when there is a really obvious alternative: to not use it. The separation and capture of grey water… More
  • Police Cuts and bodyworn camera footage (7/9/2021) - According to a recent report, some videos showed that police officers were poor at communicating and lacked patience and de-escalation skills. Is it possible that the pressure on the police from 11 years of swingeing… More