On Jenny

“Jenny’s work, especially on Planning and Housing, has helped make London a greener, fairer and safer city.” Caroline Lucas MP

“Over the years Jenny has become Boris’s nemesis on the London Assembly. She challenges him on the big issues while tenaciously pursuing him over the detail, and rarely lets him get away with a flippant response or crass comment.” Pippa Crerar (London Evening Standard journalist)

“It is entirely appropriate that she was introduced on 5 November…the term “feisty” could have been coined for her. I have to warn your Lordships that she takes no hostages when she is set on getting something done.” Baroness Hamwee

 “She was at all the mayoral debates in the run-up to the London election in 2012 and enlivened them… Of course the Greens should be in the TV showdowns. They may be occasionally batty, but at least their case is gaining ground with the public, and at least it has some bravery and rigour about it.”  Boris Johnson

“An immensely likeable character who loves to stir things up in City Hall”  London Evening Standard

Jenny personifies everything quirky, principled and fun about the greens. I still remember the bemusement on the faces of Ken Livingstone’s key staff when she would hand out cakes, biscuits and home-made jam at the weekly meetings… Business would get done, but not in any way that would be recognised in Whitehall, or even the rest of City Hall.”  Ian Wingrove, Jenny’s press officer at City Hall 2000 – 2015