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‘We want to change the housing market from a playground for speculative investment to a source of secure, affordable homes.’







‘In amongst the conversations about borders, about the EU’s central administration and organisation, about refugee and immigration policy, too often the thing that gets overlooked, the matter which slips some people’s minds, is the people.’ Here Jenny speaks on the detention of pregnant women prior to the Question for Short Debate she tabled in thee House of Lords


Investigatory Powers and Surveillance

Jenny is working in the Lords to try and improve the Investigatory Powers Bill, she speaks on that in this YouTube link

Wilson Doctrine


‘There is a clear public interest in protecting communications between the public and parliamentarians from unnecessary surveillance.

As parliamentarians, our job is to hold ministers to account.

If our communications are subject to blanket surveillance, and people are less able to freely contact us with important and sensitive revelations, then our ability to do our job is hugely curtailed.’



People Traffiking

‘People trafficking is a scourge of the entire international community, yet across London and in our other inner-cities there are a large number of people – many women and girls – who have been trafficked into the UK and seem not to have been noted by police. We must better use our laws to protect people from trafficking, arrest traffickers, and protect and aid their victims.’



Jenny BBC‘I was on the metropolitan police’s domestic extremist database for 11 years – while I was scrutinising police activity as an elected representative of the people. We must be able to hold the police accountable for their activity.’

And the Met need to come clean about the appalling conduct of officers infiltrating political groups – Undercover policing scandal 


Right to protest


‘I was arrested for comforting another person who was being arrested at a protest. It is an indictment on Britain’s police and politicians that demonstrators cannot protest peacefully without fear of arrest.

‘I often don’t agree with a lot of what some protesters say, but as long as it is non-violent, I will defend their right to say it.’





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