A Green Brexit for business

Follow the link to see the range of voices discussing a green Brexit in the Green Business Magazine (paywall, but free trial available). This is taken from the interview I did.

Although I voted Leave, I’m very clear that I don’t want a hard Brexit. I want a Brexit that actually ramps up our environmental and social protections and encourages a greener economy. So the way that I am working now is that I’m assuming Brexit is going to go through and I am working with anyone and everyone who wants the same sort of agenda as I do.

parliament5- big ben

GreenerUK have come up with some environmental criteria and I am supporting them and trying to push that through. So that’s my aim, I’m just looking to make sure that we have good regulations, better than before rather than worse, good enforcement of those regulations and lots of support for people who want to challenge organisations that aren’t living up to those standards. So those are three things that I am very clear that, for me, have got to happen.

 It’s impossible to know what is going to happen. There are all sorts of potential problems. One is that the Tories have their wicked way and scrap a lot of environmental legislation that has protected us. But on the other hand we will be able to specify local goods and local services, which might actually give our small businesses, our small farmers, a bit of a boost.

We have to work together to make sure that our voice is heard. My fear is once the Great Repeal Bill swaps everything over to this country that by a variety of measures we will start to lose some of the values, some of the principles and protections, that we take for granted.

I still think it’s the right decision to leave, but I think it’s obviously going to be very painful for us. In any sort of big change like this, it’s momentous and it’s going to be painful, but there are opportunities there if we can just get organised.