Finance is key to local energy independence

The creation of local energy companies could be the best way for Mayors and local authorities to reduce costs for residents and clean up energy supplies. The six metro areas across the U.K. electing a mayor for the first time, don’t have to wait for the Government to create nationally applicable policies, they can act now to create strong policies of their own.     

My new report shows the abundant opportunities for action, from small solar panel installations on schools to utility-scale wind and solar farms.  Some local governments have already proposed ideas like these, although have not yet started the projects.  To make implementation of these policies more realistic, mayors and councils should map out energy action plans to ensure that their budgets can sustain the plans.

Residents should put pressure on their local leaders to utilise resources in the region and clean up the energy sector.  Local leaders should similarly pressure the Government to ensure inadequate funding to carry out the implementation of ambitious energy plans.  There must be cooperation at all levels of governing in order to have a healthier energy marketplace.

Metro Mayors Energy Report LR