No fracking Mondays


The fight for local democracy and basic ecological common sense continues its frontline on an A-Road in Preston, Lancashire. It is where locals and protectors from across the country have been standing up against the fracking firm, Cuadrilla, and the Government’s dash for dirty gas. Throughout August and September, Green Party members are joining the protests en masse each Monday at Preston New Road. These “Green Mondays” have seen hundreds of Greens taking direct action while promoting the ecological alternatives to fracking.

I’ll be joining fellow Greens and activists on Monday 25th September. I want to show my support for the protests and gather essential information ahead of questioning a Home Office Minister in Parliament on the 9th October. I’ll be asking the Minister critical questions about the policing operations at Preston New Road and any future fracking sites.

It would be great if you could join us on Monday 25th September! We have to get the word out that fracking is totally unacceptable if we are to achieve a safe environment and stable climate. Greenpeace have got all the practical details like public transport and a map here.

I hope to see you there on Monday.

P.s. could you please share this on social media to help get the word out to fellow Greens?