Transparency Statement

Jenny is full-time at the House of Lords and receives an attendance allowance of £305 per day if she attends the main chamber during debates, which she does daily when the Lords is sitting. This is her only income other than her pension; she does no other paid work and claims no other expenses.

When Jenny is not in the Chamber, she is usually working in her office preparing for debates, meeting with NGOs, campaigners or other Peers, speaking at or chairing external events, showing visitors round the House, or doing media interviews. You can view members’ allowance uptakes here

Jenny ​has an above-average attendance and question-asking record which can be viewed on the They Work for You website here

Jenny hosts events for a variety of NGOs and campaign groups, which gives them access to MPs and other Peers as well as increased profile. She organises tours of Parliament for groups of Green Party members on request. Her work continues during recess, when there is no attendance allowance, when she continues to attend events, protests, local Green Party groups and a whole range of other activities.

A list of lobbying groups and individuals that Jenny or her office has had substantive contact with is available here

​​Jenny has a small flat in London which she shares with her elder daughter during the week. She spends her weekends in Dorset in the bungalow she shares with her partner; they have an allotment and no car or pets

​Jenny’s team are all part-time and paid according to the Green Party pay scale. Chloe Wilson, her younger daughter, covers her correspondence and diary. Ian Wingrove, Tom Chance, Pete Kennedy, Ed Jones and Abi Mcloughlin have all carried out research and communications work for Jenny, having been selected based on relevant skills and previous experience. Jenny twice received £22,000 as a private donation from an ecologically minded philanthropist which went towards staff costs and has also raised money via crowd funders. The bulk of her staff costs are currently being paid by the Green Party of England and Wales. You can see the Lords register of interests, which includes a record of donations and gifts, here.