Tuesday’s crucial EU vote in the Commons

MPs will vote on 15 key Lord’s amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill on Tuesday and all of them are crucial to the post Brexit future of the UK. While a lot of focus in the media is on the Lords’ amendment giving Parliament a final say if the negotiations break down, there are other issues that only greens will make a priority.

The 15th Lords’ amendment is to ensure that the government creates an Environmental Protection Watchdog with teeth, based upon the well established principles in EU law, such as: polluter pays, inter-generation parity, animal sentience and the precautionary principle. If you haven’t lobbied your MP, then please do so now. In addition, the Henry 8th powers must be stripped out of the bill and the charter of human rights be preserved.

The Lords have put a lot of thought into trying improve the Withdrawal Bill, but only the MPs can make the decisions on this. The government’s version of Brexit is not my Brexit, and that goes for a lot of the population too. Find your MP’s e-mail and talk to them today

You can also use this FoE form to lobby MPs specifically about environmental protections.