Fracking, Heathrow and nukes have no place in a modern economy

There are so many urgent actions and recommendation from today’s CCC report on what the government needs to do in order to stay within the UKs legally binding limits for climate change emissions. We know exactly what to do, but are government is still failing to create a modern economy.

All the recent, significant UK reductions in emissions have come from the solar panels, wind power and the renewable energy schemes that the government has now closed down. While the rest of the world is installing solar panels by the million, our government has wrecked important parts of the renewable energy sector and thrown thousands of people out of work. We have got a ban on land based wind turbines, except when they are installed on remote islands, but companies can erect a fracking well across the road from your home or your child’s school.

We need a forward-thinking revolution in the way we plan our country’s future. We need people turning their homes into mini power stations and escaping the clutches of the big six power companies. We need zero waste, rather than burning our waste. We need to stop expanding Heathrow and building bigger roads and to invest instead in technologies that reduce the need to travel.