Buffer zones between rivers and farms to bring back beavers

Creating a 20m buffer zones between all watercourses and farmed land would leave space for a wide range of wildlife and plants to flourish, including beavers. I will be asking the government (3rd December, Oral Question) to introduce such buffer zones as part of a rewilding of the countryside. Such a move would instantly create natural corridors that would allow rarer species to travel and migrate in response to a changing climate.

Buffer zones also mean that less pollution reaches rivers and lakes. Parts of Norfolk already use small lagoons and reed beds as a buffer to cut down the nitrates disturbing the balance of local rivers. Other European countries have introduced beavers as a way of dealing with regular flooding that impacts on towns and infrastructure such as roads and railways.

The Buffer Zones are therefore good for humans and wildlife, potentially offering protection of different kinds to all species. So sensible. But will the Govt agree?