Greens celebrate appointment of Natalie Bennett to House of Lords

Green Party members are this morning celebrating the appointment of former leader Natalie Bennett to the House of Lords.

Green Party co-leader Sian Berry said: “This is recognition of the views of the two million Green voters in this year’s European elections, the huge numbers who backed us in the council elections, and the 1.1 million votes we won when Natalie was leader in 2015. But still, this 50% increase in the Greens’ parliamentary representation is still only 0.2% of the total parliament – a reminder of just how far we have to go to make the UK a democracy. However, having worked with Natalie in Camden Green Party over many years, I know that Natalie will be a voice for the many who have not been sufficiently heard in parliament. She will bring into the Lords the voice of the anti-fracking protectors, the supporters of universal basic income and our nation’s beleaguered wildlife, disability & refugee rights and Climate Emergency campaigners.”

The current Green peer, Jenny Jones, said: “I am delighted to have Natalie joining me in the House, we can double our opportunities to hold the government to account and advocate for great Green ideas like the Green New Deal and universal basic income.”

Sheffield Councillor Alison Teal said: “Natalie’s relentless passion is evident at every public event she attends. I have found her to be an inspiration, and a wonderful mentor. Soon after we met she said to me, “If in doubt, be bold.” I have taken her advice to heart, she helped me find courage. I have no doubt that Natalie will be a brilliant member of the House of Lords, and I am so thrilled that she has made Sheffield her home, and she will represent us in Parliament.”