Legal challenge to Extinction Rebellion ban

A collection of Climate rebels, including Parliamentarians such as myself, Caroline Lucas MP and Ellie Chowns MEP, are taking the Met Police to court to challenge the Section 14 Order which bans Extinction Rebellion Protests throughout the whole of London. We believe that the ban is an abuse of the law and in violation of fundamental human rights and our lawyers are seeking an emergency hearing this afternoon. We expect that the Court will rule the ban null and void.

Until the Court rules otherwise, the police are still arresting anyone in a group who expresses, in words or otherwise, any concern about the climate and ecological emergency. 

A blanket ban on all protest across London is grossly disproportionate and an attempt to shut down anyone from voicing their concerns on the climate and ecological crisis. This ban has no place in a democratic society. If protest were banned in the capital city of any other country, UK politicians would condemn it as a crackdown on free speech and basic freedoms.

As Greens, we stand in solidarity with climate and ecological activists at home and across the world who face oppression and arrest for protecting our planet. The big question is, why do the authorities put their effort into blocking protest rather than acting strongly on climate change?