Immigration Bill and staffing the care sector

Putting my amendment to the Lords


The proposed independent evaluation which would be introduced through Amendment No.93 could play a key role in supporting the health and social care sectors across the UK to address a range of key concerns about the proposals, including:

– Concerns that many health and social care workers from other European countries, and from non-European countries, would not meet the proposed income threshold under this system 

– That the requirement to have a job offer is unnecessarily restrictive, and will create additional administrative burdens and costs for health and social care organisations trying to recruit staff from abroad 

– That there is a lack of recognition of health and social care specific skills, experience and professional qualifications in the proposed points-based system and, as a result, this does not recognise the skills and experience of health and social care workers from across the EU, and from non-EU countries, to enrich health and social care support and services, or to value the sector and its growing importance as a result of demographic changes.