Domestic Abuse Bill: Lords send 4 amendments back to Commons

The government has made lots of positive changes to the Domestic Abuse Bill as a result of pressure from campaigners and amendments by the Lords, but there are still four areas where the Lords are pressing the government for more.

The Lords don’t feel that the government is taking a tough enough line on  monitoring of perpetrators of serial domestic abuse or stalking. Partly this is due to the government not wanting to put resources into requiring thousands of such perpetrators to be to be registered and be subjected to supervision, monitoring and management through Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA). The government’s own proposal doesn’t match the scale of the problem faced (mostly) by women.

The second big area of disagreement is the Lords’ desire to remove the barriers to migrants seeking help and justice with domestic abuse by giving them access to public funds and preventing their data from being shared with the immigration authorities.

The Domestic Abuse Bill is a vital bit of legislation that deserves to be made as good as it can be. These amendments are going back to the Commons on Monday, so there is still time to lobby MPs to support.