Why are we paying £2m a day for Drax to pollute the planet?

Drax uses wood from forests in Louisiana, North Carolina, British Columbia, Estonia
and Latvia. These forests will take centuries to recover, centuries which we simply
do not have when tackling the climate emergency. The government claim that Drax is sustainable simply ignores all the extra emissions from felling, making the pellets and transporting it all. It ignores the extra carbon that is oaked up by more mature trees.

Stuart Boothman from Just Transition Wakefield said “Drax is the UK’s biggest
carbon emitter, and the world’s biggest forest burner. Collectively, we in the UK pay
over £2,000,000 a day in subsidies to facilitate this ecocide. We call for an end to
the subsidies, an end to the destruction and a Just Transition into genuinely
sustainable work for all employees and sub-contractors at Drax. We demand that in
a time of real financial hardship, the government stop subsiding forest destruction
and move the £2 million per day to support energy efficient homes and genuine