Object Today – No Third Runway!

Prompted by CPRE, I’ve emailed the following objection to expansion.feedback@heathrowconsultation.com  Please do the same and add your voice by March 28th.

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Oral Questions

Peers are allowed to table up to 7 Oral Questions – for short debate in the main chamber -per parliamentary session. In this session Jenny has tabled the following Oral Questions :


Private members bills

Clean Air Bill DRAFT

House of Lords Reform – which would create a second chamber where only peers elected via Proportional Representation would be entitled to vote. This had its second reading on February 3rd 2017 and did not progress further but is a useful contribution to the topic and could be presented again

Natural Environment Bill – A Bill to make provision for the setting of biodiversity and other targets; to establish a Natural Capital Committee; to require local authorities to maintain local ecological network strategies; to identify species threatened with extinction; for access to quality natural green space; and to include education about the natural environment in the curriculum for maintained schools. This bill did not progress beyond first reading but exists as a useful body of work and could be presented again

Land Value Tax Bill – A Bill to require the Secretary of State to commission a programme of research into the merits of replacing the council tax and non-domestic rates in England with an annual levy on the unimproved value of all land, including transitional arrangements; to report to Parliament within 12 months of completion of the research; and for connected purposes. This bill did not progress beyond first reading but exists as a useful body of work and could be presented again

Solutions for the farm of the future

As a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Vegetarianism and Veganism I’ve been asked to look at the findings in a report produced by the New Economics Foundation in collaboration with the Vegan Society as part of their Grow Green campaign.  You can read the full report here but it is essentially identifying the barriers to increased plant protein crop production in the UK and how we can overcome them. Continue reading “Solutions for the farm of the future”

The Government must act to protect UK citizens from exposure to toxic crop sprays

People are often surprised to learn that highly poisonous chemicals – that were originally designed as weapons of war1 – have been allowed for many decades, under successive Government policies, to be sprayed on crop fields all over the UK. The chemical warfare in the countryside – known as ‘conventional farming’ – has resulted in thousands of residents suffering devastating, even fatal, consequences to their health and lives.Sprayer Continue reading “The Government must act to protect UK citizens from exposure to toxic crop sprays”

Human Rights Day Reception

On 10th December Jenny attended a reception in Speaker’s House hosted by Amnesty International to mark International Human Rights Day. The event was a great success with Amnesty activists, school groups and parliamentarians all taking part in the Write for Rights campaign, writing letters and other messages to individuals at risk around the world. As a result of the event, Ann Clwyd MP has secured an adjournment debate on Tuesday 13th December where she will be referring to some of the specific cases from the Write for Rights campaign as well as the wider human rights contexts in some of those countries.

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