Met Police must explain Gray report censorship

In response to the Met Police request for the Sue Gray report to ‘minimise’ references to parties at Number 10, Baroness Jenny Jones said:

“The Met Police need to explain why they want key details of the Sue Gray report to be censored, unless they have an expectation that there will be a jury trial as a result of the investigation and it would be prejudicial. The failure of the Met Police to start their investigation weeks ago raIsed suspicions that they were shielding the Prime Minister. By launching an investigation just before Sue Gray’s report is due out and then requesting she delete the majority of the references to the parties at Number 10, they are compounding those suspicions. Unless the Met Police can provide a clear reason why the detailed information should not be made public then I think the report should be published in full, or it will be seen as partial and incomplete.”

Covid regulations from a government that doesn’t listen and learn

In the words of Adam Wagner, a professor of law

“One of the things this crisis has brought home to me is how illiberal outcomes are inevitable when hugely important decisions are made by a small group in secret and without parliamentary scrutiny. Biases and personal preferences of those in the room are inevitably amplified”. Continue reading “Covid regulations from a government that doesn’t listen and learn”