Renewables 1

“Renewables are the casualty in the Government’s longstanding intention to clear a path for extortionately priced nuclear energy and fracked oil and gas that will just accelerate climate change”


Nuclear power

“If we are going to take subsidies away from some energy sources, we should take them from all, including nuclear.”

Fossil fuels

“Fossil fuels are a severe risk to our entire environment and in the UK we are economically over-reliant on them. Should states decide to divest from fossil fuel – as all of us must – the London stock exchange is highly exposed, as we carry 19 per cent of global carbon budgets. The government must stimulate the green economy.”


“We need to see a complete rejection of fracking. We must reprioritise renewables and energy efficiency. We must not promote the unfettered extraction of unconventional fossil fuels which will undermine the Climate Change Act, and undermine our ability to avoid dangerous climate change.”


Jenny Solar“The Government’s savage cuts to solar tariffs are a betrayal of the Paris Climate Change agreement. They are directly responsible for every job and business that goes under.”



Wind power

Wind power has an important role to play in the UK’s sustainable energy infrastructure and we have to learn to see them as a positive and beautiful addition to the landscape.

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