Jenny and Natalie visit Calais ‘Jungle’

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, and Jenny travelled to Calais to meet Emmanuelle Cosse, national secretary of France’s Europe Ecologie – Les Vertes, and Sandrine Rousseau, a Les Vertes spokesperson, at the camp known as ‘the Jungle’.

There are now at least 6,000 people at the ‘Jungle’ camp, a collection of  tents and shacks just outside Calais. Some of those people have been there for almost 11 months. They have no reliable supply of food or clean water or fuel.

British and French Green Party leaders are uniting to call for urgent action to help the refugees facing winter in Calais.

Bennett, Jones, Cosse and Rousseau are demanding the UK and French governments act to prevent potential deaths caused by exposure and disease at the camp.

Jenny said:

“Added to all they have already been forced to endure, the people at the Jungle will now experience the sub-zero temperatures of the European winter.

“They do not have the shelter, the experience, or the access to the warmth and weather-proof clothing they are likely to need to survive.

“People there, and the extreme challenges they will face in the next few months, must not be forgotten.

“We have done nowhere near enough to avoid a huge crisis at Calais, and though it is not too late, we must ensure the 6,000 desperate men, women and children are not left at risk through the winter.”