My legal action on Automated Facial Recognition

Big Brother Watch and myself, have launched a legal action against the Met Police and the Home Office regarding the unregulated use of Facial Reognition Technology.

The police’s refusal to stop using automated facial recognition cameras leaves me with no choice but to bring this human rights challenge. This new form of surveillance lacks a legal basis, tramples over civil liberties, and it hasn’t been properly debated in parliament.

The idea that citizens should all become walking ID cards is really the antithesis to democratic freedom. Facial recognition surveillance is likely to impact on my political work, whether I’m trying to meet whistleblowers in the city or attending protests and meeting campaigners where it is being used.

In a democracy like ours, individuals should not be identified and tracked by the state in this way. The Home Office bears responsibility for allowing this lawless growth of police facial recognition.

I very much hope the Court will ensure the current situation is brought to an end without further delay.