Rebellion for Life Oct 31

The Extinction Rebellion begins today. A series of Non Violent Direct Action protests organised by academics and many others.

Climate breakdown is officially happening. We have the evidence of arctic glaciers going into meltdown, humanity is destroying bio-diversity, with the 60% decline of animal populations since 1970.

Plastic is flooding into our oceans, rivers and bodies. Climate breakdown is becoming more and more visible, even in the protected wealthy nations. Yet instead of facing up to the crisis, consumerism is driving us faster towards extinction. Our political class argues about more growth, rather than quality of life, survival, and producing only what is valued.

On Monday, the government made no mention of climate change in the budget for the third year running. They froze the Fuel Duty Escalator and gave tax breaks to the oil/gas industry. There was no positive support for green energy nor the measures needed to make our economy sustainable. There is no sign that our government is willing to do its bit to prevent humanity’s extinction and that is why I support this protest. Our country needs a wake up call to get us focused upon the real priority of climate breakdown, before it is too late to stop climate catastrophe.