Dear Conservatives who care

A few of you have told me that Blue is the new Green. That you have compassion towards animals and want to conserve the beauty of this world.

Last week one of you told me that the budget wasn’t the place to mention climate change, and I was too infuriated to argue, but I’d like to disagree. Every Government statement must mention it because it affects every area of our lives. Energy, housing, agriculture, transport, food, defence, the economy (no business on a dead planet) etc.

But I sense a lack of urgency from both the Government and the Opposition and it makes me despair. The IPCC report earlier this month which gave us twelve years, less than three government terms, to halt a catastrophic increase in global temperatures certainly panicked me. Not that it’s news, but that it’s official at last. Plus the report yesterday that we’ve lost 60% of our wildlife must have affected you, but did it make you feel motivated? Did you feel any sense of anxiety? I would be very comforted to hear that every Government department is taking the IPCC report seriously and consulting on the best way forward.

Our Green Party manifesto has a ‘how to’ feel to it. It’s  a manifesto for human survival and it deserves a read.