A little bit of vegan goes a long way

For 2019 do you want a fast way to reduce animal suffering, lower your greenhouse gas emissions and lessen your risk of disease? Going vegan is the answer. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to give up everything; you can start with a vegan meal, work up to a vegan day, week, month – there are no rules.

I went vegan for two weeks, one week more than I did last year, and that for me is progress! I have tried the Gregg’s sausage roll and the Iceland No Bull range, both good, although I’m wondering where their soya comes from, as that can have disastrous environmental impacts. I will be writing to both companies to find out.

My daughter has been supportive and shared her homemade roasted almond nut butter, which is delicious. One of her daughters has now been vegan for over a year and she says she no longer craves cheese and that meat smells ‘manky’.

Overall the two weeks has been successful. I’ve been slightly hungry the whole time as for me the hardest thing was to have enough snacks when I’m rushing around at work. I don’t want to stay completely vegan – it has been a bit limiting for socialising – but I didn’t miss any foods. And my partner has also been supportive and has suggested we stay permanently vegan for a day every week.

Sadly, I couldn’t face a dry January, giving up alcohol, as well as giving up all animal products, so I have a dry February ahead.