Crowdfunder: referendum law breakers

For democracy to work fairly and effectively, all campaigners and parties must operate on a level playing field; no one can be above the rule of law.  Whichever way we voted in the referendum, we should all agree that wrong doing needs to be dealt with.

That is why I have joined with other concerned politicians and ex-politicians, Tom Brake MP, Ben Bradshaw MP and Fiona Mactaggart who believe in accountability and that is why we are asking for your support in our legal action.

The issue of campaigning expenses is important to our democracy and the purpose of the laws is to provide an equal playing field so that the system does not favour those with the deepest pockets. Last year, the Electoral Commission published two reports in which they found that individuals involved in the 2016 European Union Brexit referendum campaign had broken the law on campaign spending limits and transparent and accurate spending reports. Three individuals and two campaigns were found to have committed these offences, with the Electoral Commission using the full force of its powers to impose the highest fines permitted by statute.

In their reports, the Electoral Commission specifically drew attention to the fact that it had found, beyond reasonable doubt, that electoral offences had been committed. The electoral offences that the Electoral Commission found were breached mirror criminal offences under the same statute. In line with their Enforcement Policy, the Electoral Commission referred the matter to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), but they have sat on the information. I would urge you to support the crowdfunder which aims to prompt the MPS into activity.