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Green Jenny Jones talk to Shane Collins about how to decriminalise drugs

I worked with Shane for years in the London Green Party, before he moved to Frome and got himself elected to Mendip District Council. He has been involved with writing the Green Party’s policy on drugs and he has a long history of campaigning on a host of issues.

In a previous episode of Jen’s Green Jam I spoke to an ex-undercover police officer, Neil Woods about the war on drugs and how it has affected law enforcement, in this episode we talk about Britain’s drug policy and think about the practicalities of reforming the government’s approach to drugs.

We discuss:

  • Some of the big things that worry people about drugs are the addiction potential and the health impacts – how do we best address those concerns?
  • The different models of legalisation and decriminalisation. Is there a one size fits all solution or is it more nuanced than that?
  • What is the ideal drug policy and how do we get from where we are now to that ideal?
  • Do we think that drugs gangs will just disappear or turn into tax paying business people?
  • How do we ensure that we protect vulnerable people like children and people who struggle with addiction?
  • What is holding the UK back from a better drug policy?
  • Lots of countries around the world are moving away from criminalisation and trying different approaches, so are there any specific places that we should be looking to for inspiration?
  • It looks like the Government is softening its stance on medicinal cannabis, what can we expect when they publish some new guidance later this year?
  • What can individuals and communities do to help make a positive change?