Clean energy transition

Well done Caroline Lucas MP and campaigners for hassling the government into a recent change of heart on supporting fossil fuel projects abroad. Shame it took so long.  

Baroness Blackstone asked: What assessment has HMG made of the impact their document Aligning UK international support for the clean energy transition guidance, published on 31 March, will have on international fossil fuel investment; and what discussions they have had with other Governments about implementing such guidance.

I asked: Is it not slightly hypocritical of our Government to pontificate on this issue when they are funding, through the British taxpayer, a fossil fuel plant project in Mozambique?

Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist replied to me on behalf of HMG: The Mozambique project is one of huge controversy. It was supported by UK Export Finance in July 2020 under previous policies and would not be approved today. It has now contractually committed to that support. UKEF will continue to monitor that situation closely. All support provided by UKEF has been in line with the scope of the new policy since March, which ends new direct financial or promotional support for the fossil fuel energy sector, other than in the limited circumstances I have outlined. It aligns support with clean energy.

Read the whole debate in Hansard