Save our Oceans

From the great whale to seagrass, the ocean is our greatest natural asset and carbon sink. It is vital that the UK Government secures success for our blue planet at the upcoming COP15  conference.

Our blue planet can store 25% of global carbon emissions. The UK Government must leverage  private finance to meet our climate and nature commitments

The Government’s recent Nature Green Paper hopes to mobilise £1billion to restore nature by  2030. Policymakers and corporations must now work together to begin investing in the ocean 

A Private Members Bill is coming up in the Lords tabled by Tory peer, John Randall of Uxbridge, on the issue of Bottom Trawling but will the government listen.

The horrifying practice of bottom trawling is happening in 98%  of Marine Protected Areas – Government claims to protect MPAs, but all it can muster is a partial ban in 4 of them.