Jenny 100% attendance

Times Radio have obtained figures that show more than a hundred members of the House of Lords attended parliament fewer than ten times in the most recent parliamentary session.

“Only two peers attended parliament on all 156 days it was sitting: Lord Moylan, a Tory peer, and the Green Party peer Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb.

Thirteen peers attended the chamber only once, and one did not attend the chamber a single time over the course of the past session. In 104 cases a peer attended on fewer than ten times between May last year and this March.”

I gave them this quote which they didn’t use.

“Unlike MPs, who are expected to watch out for the wellbeing of their constituents in all legislation, Peers are only expected to speak if they are knowledgeable on the subject of the debate. That means that sometimes there are only a few experts on a particular issue and therefore few peers attending. Plus peers might not speak in debates, but might contribute in other ways, eg on Select Cttees or as whips.

It’s different for the two Greens (out of ca 800 members), myself and Natalie Bennett. Because Greens have a manifesto that covers all areas and issues of interest from the viewpoint of social and environmental justice, we try to convey that green view in as many debates as we can. Hence my attendance record. If I’m not in a debate, I’m still working, perhaps with NGOs or trying to get in on Oral Questions, or researching.

I also attend regularly because I am furious at this corrupt and deeply ungreen Govt and I have the chance to tell them so across the Chamber.

On those who never contribute or attend, they might be ill? But we do have a retirement option now. However, the House generally strongly dislikes those who take the peerage and run, never engaging, so it would be better to ask the whips what they think of those members.”