Emergency Motion: government’s attack on nature

Please sign (if you’re a Green Party member) my emergency motion to this weekends national conference. Thius motion supports the RSPB campaign against the government’s attack on nature. Let’s stop the Investment Zones and Freeports from wrecking what biodiversity we have left. Follow this link https://spaces.greenparty.org.uk/content/perma?id=110945 and click ‘like’

“The government’s guidance on Investment Zones in England issued on
24th September has the stated aims of “liberalising planning laws”, so
that “the planning system will not stand in the way of investment and
development”. These constitute a huge threat to wildlife and
eco-systems especially when combined with so called Freeports that
cover significant areas of natural beauty including Dartmoor, the New
Forest and the whole of the Isle of Wight and the North York Moors.

For the sake of local democracy and nature we urge councillors of all
parties to resist the imposition of unfettered capitalism on local
areas and to join with the RSPB and other conservation groups in their
urgent campaign against the Government’s attack on nature and to promote an alternative approach based uponpartnership and democratic controls.”

For reference, here are links to the Government guidance, a report on Freeports and newspaper article about the RSPB (with other NGOs) opposition campaign.





Investment Zones in England