Drax subsidy should be spent on insulation and solar panels say Green Party Baroness

Green Party Baroness, Jenny Jones, has called for the billions of
pounds currently being used to subsidise Drax Power Station to be used
for insulating homes and putting up solar panels. A BBC investigation
(Panorama 3/10/2022) has exposed the truth behind National Power’s
claims that it uses sawdust and  waste wood to fuel its giant,
electricity producing incinerator. Whole trees are being felled and
transported from as far away as Canada to burn in the UK. Much of this
is Drax logging precious ancient forest in British Columbia as well as
South East USA.

Baroness Jones said: “Drax is burning ancient forests from North
America and well established woodlands in the UK. It is a pollution
menace to local people, as well as the planet. Burning wood is not a
sustainable strategy and the government would get far more benefit
from using this subsidy to insulate homes and businesses, so that we
can cut down on the long term energy bills.”

“This is not a green energy scandal, it is a business scam. Far more
jobs would be generated if this money were invested in insulation and
solar panel installations.”

Fellow Green Party peer, Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, said:

“This pollution and environmental vandalism wouldn’t be happening
without a government subsidy of six billion pounds and counting.
Burning wood for electricity emits more carbon than fossil fuels, and
we must add on the huge carbon costs of harvesting the wood, turning
it into pellets and transporting it across the world. None of this
makes sense as a way of dealing with the climate emergency.”