Reparatory Justice for Afrikan Enslavement

Statement from Jenny in recognition of the approach of the end of the ‘United Nations International Decade for people of African descent 2015 to 2024’ which the British Government continues to refuse to recognise.

‘Many of the problems that Britain faces now are rooted in its imperial past. We need to finally face up to the historical impact our country has had on communities throughout the world. If Britain can properly address the legacies of its colonial past, then it can truly deal with the root causes of our country’s socio-economic inequality rooted in systemic racism.

By engaging in a genuine process of reparative and transitional justice, this country could begin to heal holistically and re-balance the past and present injustices inflicted by the few which cause endless suffering to the many.’

The Green Party of England and Wales committed to reparations in 2020.

This statement in response to campaign materials received from the Uhuru Solidarity Movement