Climate change




‘We consume too much energy and in ways which actively damage the environment on which we all rely. We must increase investment in renewable energy generation, whilst also cutting our use. No one wants to live in a literal dark age, but continuing as we are will cast us back into a figurative one.’




‘ThClimate Changee fact is that green energy is absolutely the way forward… We have to diversify our energy sources. We can supply ourselves.’







‘Flooding is one of the clearest indications we have yet had of the capacity climate change has to damage us and threaten our homes and way of life. It is imperative that the UK acts to deal with this threat, both by reducing the causes of climate change and by delivering proper flood defences to prevent the repeat of the devastation we have already seen.’








‘What we eat – and how it is produced – is central to our health and wellbeing. That is why, as Chair of London Food, I shaped the mayoral Food Strategy for London. We must take its commitments to locally-produced, healthy, sustainable, diverse and affordable food to all parts of the UK.’



‘Our farming practices and our farmers need support to produce the best, healthiest, least environmentally-damaging food and drink possible. Anything else would be – and is – madness. We must also reward our farmers properly for the work they do. It is not acceptable for supermarkets to pay farm workers less for their produce than it cost to produce it.’



cycling‘Walking and cycling first; public transport second; cars third and last. Anything else is senseless because it damages all of us, makes us less safe, and actually makes it harder to reach the places we need to go.’


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