Green supporters who switched to Corbyn will feel let down by a Labour Party supporting an expensive, damaging, dinosaur technology like Hinkley

“Nuclear power was the future when I was growing up. My very clever Cambridge-educated late brother even worked on the house-sized new computers at a nuclear power station in the early 60’s. Back then, the talk was of free energy for the masses.

Half a century of expensive mistakes later, the taxpayer has a huge standing order for decommissioning and the Government is on the verge of signing us up for the most expensive energy bill on the planet. Meanwhile, the planning system is putting a squeeze on wind farms and the solar industry has been deliberately decimated by the government turning off the subsidy tap too early because it favours the private profits to be made by its friends in the fracking industry.

A lot of green supporters have joined the push to get Corbyn made Labour leader and to keep him in place. Many of us within the Green Party hoped that this would open up a space for more radical ideas to be discussed and become the new mainstream. A future economy based upon modern renewable and clean technologies is an obvious starting point for such discussions, which is why the Labour Party’s decision to back Hinkley is such a disappointment.

It shows why the Green Party will continue to be needed as a clear voice, unhindered by vested interests, keeping the safety and well-being of the planet and its people front of mind.”