Prevent is not fit for purpose

Responding to the comments by David Anderson QC, the outgoing chair of the Government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation,that Prevent should be reviewed and overhauled, Baroness Jenny Jones said:

“The fact that many people, especially within the Muslim community, are refusing to cooperate with Prevent is clearly damaging its effectiveness and that alone is a good reason for a review. However, it isn’t just the fear that Prevent is targeting the Muslim community, it is the potential  for Prevent to be used by the Government and/or the police to target any of us who they regard as extremists, despite being non-violent, or innocent of any crime. As one of several green politicians put on the Met Police domestic extremism list, I know at first hand how state spying is getting increasingly out of control and  wasting our money monitoring people who have committed no crime. Prevent should be scrapped as ineffective and we should find better ways of working with communities to counter terrorism.”