The big solar rip off

Imagine investing thousands of pounds in a business that produces something everyone wants, but the government tells you that if you produce more than you need then you will have to give it to a big corporation free of charge, so they can sell it to their customers. This is state approved, corporate theft and it’s due to start this April, in the UK.

The government’s scrapping of solar tariffs to new customers is everything that is bad about corporate capitalism and the government’s vendetta against green technologies. By removing the feed in tariff and export tariff for people who install small scale renewable energy systems in their homes from now on, they are making home owners give the energy companies free energy that the corporates can then sell to their consumers.

Today, I’ve organised a Motion of Regret on this change to the solar feed-in tariffs; it will cause enormous damage to our fledgling Green economy and wreck our, already too slow, attempts to deal with climate change.

Over the last decade, solar panels have steadily been popping up on rooftops around the country. People have saved huge amounts of money on their energy bills, reduce the burden on our National Grid, and make a significant reduction in their personal impact on our planet.