Third Reading of the Police Bill: Last word

I have hated almost every minute we spent on this Bill over the days, weeks and months. I deeply regret that it will pass. I wish it had not been presented in the first place and I wish we had not been forced to let it through, but it has been historic. One of the things that has been historic is the united opposition to some of its worst parts. That is something the House can be proud of

Lord Falconer’s amendment

Lord Falconer attempted to amend the requirement for a life sentence for manslaughter of emergency workers to include allowance of exceptional circumstances and I said:

I want to throw my considerable Green weight behind Lord Falconer. The Members opposite must realise in their hearts that this is unfair. I came into politics to make things fairer and this is not fair. It is unjust, as we have heard. Please let us debate it properly. I would vote for it—anyone can move it to a vote—and I hope it would pass.

Bill returns to the Commons amended…

Bill passed and returned to the Commons with amendments.