Next podcast out soon!

Out in a few days will be Episode 5 ‘The Drugs War’ with ex undercover officer Neil Woods. Neil has authored two fascinating books about his experiences as an undercover cop turned whistle blower. Neil joins me to give us his insights on the war against drugs and explain how drugs money has caused endemic corruption in our police force.

Episode 6, out in December, will be ‘The Bogus War on Gangs’ with Stafford Scott. Stafford was a co-founder of the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign in 1985, and is now a consultant on racial equality and community engagement. He tweets as @StaffordScott and we can look forward to his book!

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Crowdfunder to support Jenny’s work

Please support our work

Unlike MPs, who receive state funding, members of the House of Lords don’t receive any financial support to employ staff or fund office costs.

As the only Green in the House of Lords, covering as many issues as I can, I need staff to help me with research and press work. I have a small, part time team (equivalent to one full time person) who are paid for from donations from people like you. Continue reading “Crowdfunder to support Jenny’s work”

Dear Conservatives who care

A few of you have told me that Blue is the new Green. That you have compassion towards animals and want to conserve the beauty of this world.

Last week one of you told me that the budget wasn’t the place to mention climate change, and I was too infuriated to argue, but I’d like to disagree. Every Government statement must mention it because it affects every area of our lives. Energy, housing, agriculture, transport, food, defence, the economy (no business on a dead planet) etc. Continue reading “Dear Conservatives who care”

Rebellion for Life Oct 31

The Extinction Rebellion begins today. A series of Non Violent Direct Action protests organised by academics and many others.

Climate breakdown is officially happening. We have the evidence of arctic glaciers going into meltdown, humanity is destroying bio-diversity, with the 60% decline of animal populations since 1970. Continue reading “Rebellion for Life Oct 31”

Protect the property guardians

An estimated 5000-7000 who live in a legal grey area as “property guardians” are being ignored by the government – these are people who become live-in security to protect commercial and residential properties during periods of vacancy. I’ve secured a parliamentary debate on Monday to call on the government to provide proper legal protections for them.
Originally seen as a win-win situation, property guardians were young professionals living in interesting building such as schools and cinemas for a low rent. This gave the property owner peace of mind while the property was vacant, at a much lower cost than hiring professional security and boarding the property up.
In London’s overheated property market, what was once a cheap lifestyle choice has now given rise to near-market rents. The GLA research, led by the Green Party’s Sian Berry, found that for many people it is their only way to afford to live and work in London.
They live in a legal quagmire and no one seems sure exactly what rights they have. Property guardians occupy under a contractual license, meaning that they don’t have any of the legal protections contained in a Tenancy Agreement. Some guardians have been kicked out of the properties with only days notice when the property has been sold. The buildings are sometimes dangerous and unsuitable for habitation – the Fire Brigade have had to shut down some of the buildings occupied by Guardians as they posed an immediate danger to life. Local Authorities, who have statutory housing functions, are unsure of their enforcement powers in relation to property guardians, while Council buildings make up approximately one fifth of those occupied by guardians.
The Government has so far resisted calls to clarify the legal rights of property guardians. Heather Wheeler MP, Minister for Housing and Homelessness, wrote to the Committee saying that the Government “doesn’t endorse these schemes and highlights their clear drawbacks” but nonetheless ‘people are free to make their own housing choices”.
Property guardians have an important role to play in ending the scandal of empty properties. The Government’s position is untenable – they are both denying the opportunity to house people in empty properties, and denying the rights of the people who already do so. I will be calling on the Government to amend the law to grant legal protection to property guardians, include property guardianship in their homelessness strategy, and provide clear guidance to Local Authorities and other statutory bodies.
FURTHER INFORMATION is available at the London Assembly website. It includes the Report by the Housing Committee; response from the Mayor of London; and response from the Housing Minister.

Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill launch

July 5th is the 62nd anniversary of the first Clean Air Act becoming law

Local people and communities around the country would be able to take legal action to defend their right to clean air if the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill I introduced today became law. This week’s air pollution episode throughout England and Wales illustrates how widespread the legal actions could become, as people seek to get corporations to change their behaviour and to force councils and government bodies to reduce pollution. Continue reading “Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill launch”

Questions for short debate

Questions for short debate are extra to the Oral Question allowance but can take 6 months to be tabled and only one can be entered at a time. The debate is longer than an Oral Question debate but not always in the main chamber

Oct 18 – Property Guardians

March 18 – Facial recognition technology

Oct 16 – Detention of pregnant women

June 15 – Paving of front gardens

Feb 14 – Water cannons

Water is too precious to stay in private hands

Putting water back into public hands would not end the need for hosepipe bans, but it would make them a lot less frequent. For starters, there is over £13.5bn paid to shareholders in the past 8 years that could be spent fixing leaking pipes that leaked away 20% of the treated clean water. That’s £13.5 billion, not million. That means pipes fixed, new sewers constructed and prices held down. Continue reading “Water is too precious to stay in private hands”