Action to ban fur and foie gras imports

I recently joined organisations campaigning to save the promised Animals Abroad Bill – which would ban imports of hunting “trophies”, fur, and foie gras as well as the promotion of elephant tourist rides overseas. I joined representatives from the “Don’t Betray Animals” Coalition who launched two enormous balloons, shaped like an elephant and a lion, above Parliament to send a clear message to Boris Johnson that animals need action, not hot air.  

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Ban Trophy Hunting now

Animals are not there for our sport, or to be killed for our pleasure. They are part of their environment and we should leave them alone.

·         9 in 10 voters back an immediate ban on trophies

·         British trophy hunters kill lions – many of them bred in captivity and shot in enclosures.

·         They also shoot leopards, giraffes and endangered polar bears.

·         British trophy hunters are among the world’s biggest elephant hunters.

·         Hundreds of animals have been killed by British trophy hunters since the Government announced its pledge to ban trophies in the 2019 Queen’s Speech.

·         40,000+ submissions were made to the Government’s public consultation on trophy hunting, including from scientists, wildlife experts, and people in Africa. Almost 9 in 10 backed a ban.