A letter to your MP re the Spy Cops (CHIS) Bill

Dear MP

Please retain the Lords amendments to the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill when it returns to the Commons.

This Bill is being pushed forward before the Public Inquiry into abuses by police undercover officers has had a chance to put forward recommendations regarding the mistakes made in the previous forty years. This Bill will hinder those who seek justice in the future and will widen the scope for such abuses by providing legal immunity for all types of crime.

This legal immunity for spies, undercover police and informants to commit crimes represents a huge erosion of the rule of law. The House of Lords has passed three important amendments to the legislation, which will:

· Prevent undercover agents from committing the most serious crimes such as rape, murder and torture.

· Limit the circumstances that allow children and vulnerable people to be authorised to commit crimes as undercover spies.

· Allow a judge to overturn blanket legal immunity where it has been wrongly granted.

I hope you can support these amendments as a way of mitigating the impact of this dangerous legislation.

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